The Practice Room: Modal Alternate Picking

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Modal Alternate Picking: Transform Your Guitar Skills Through Structured Practice

Introducing "Modal Alternate Picking"

Delve deep into a meticulously crafted routine designed for guitar enthusiasts committed to excellence.

This isn't just another method book; it's a hands-on, structured practice routine that guarantees progress for those willing to invest the time.

Why Choose "Modal Alternate Picking"?

🎸 Practice Over Theory: While understanding the method is essential, true mastery comes from doing. These exercises focus on active learning through practice, ensuring you internalize every lesson.

🎡 Comprehensive Modal Coverage: From the major scale to more complex modes, the routines ensure you experience and understand every musical nuance.

🎢 The Zone System: An effective approach that offers three different viewpoints of every scale. It's not just about playing; it's about understanding.

πŸ‘‚ Enhance Your Ear Training: Use drone notes to clearly discern intervals, making your practice sessions doubly beneficial.

Inside "Modal Alternate Picking":

  1. A rich collection of numeric sequences, intervallic studies, and triads catered for each mode.
  2. Three distinct fingerings or "zones" for every mode, enhancing your depth of understanding.
  3. Recommendations on fingerings tailored for improvisational freedom.
  4. Crucial advice on achieving a safe and efficient practice regimen.

Structured Routine = Guaranteed Progress:

By following the laid-out structured routine and my practice advice learning and improvement in all three areas of Technique, Ear Training, and Fretboard Knowledge is virtually guaranteed.

Anyone putting in the work will get the results.

Why No Videos?

You might wonder, "Why a book? Why not just a video course?"

Here's the thing: Some of my deepest "aha!" moments with the guitar were sparked by hands-on method books.

And while I'm a big fan of crafting video lessons, there's an unmatched simplicity in opening a book and diving straight into the music.

The true magic? It's in the hands-on practice.

Let the exercises guide you and discover that sometimes, the best teacher is the experience itself.

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Skills?

Dedication, structured practice, and "Modal Alternate Picking" are all you need. Equip yourself with this practice routine and witness a tangible transformation in your guitar journey. Secure your copy today and upgrade your playing!

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The Practice Room: Modal Alternate Picking

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